Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Beginning

Hi. Welcome. How are you?

This is a bit awkward isn’t it? Introductions etc. always are. It’s the first post on a new blog and I have to explain who I am, what I’m writing about and why you should spend some your valuable internet time here. It all feels very forced, a bit salesperson-y really. I basically have a few paragraphs to get you to like me, or maybe it’s just a few sentences? Maybe I’ve already lost you and I’m actually just talking to myself and looking a bit deranged. Hopefully not though. Hopefully you’re suitably intrigued and just dying to know what I’m going to say next. So here we go:

I’m about a month into a very exciting internship at a great small venue call the Drill Hall in my home city of Lincoln. The Drill Hall is an arts theatre which aims to bring diverse and interesting entertainment to a city which is all too often ignored culturally. We have independent theatre, comedy, dance and music for all ages and all interests. I’m a marketing intern, can you tell? I’m basically here to tell you all how great The Drill Hall is and how you should all buy tickets for everything. But to be honest, if you’re here, you probably already know how great LDH is. You probably already follow us on Facebook or Twitter and you’ve probably visited us a few times, seen some shows and been thoroughly entertained. I don’t really need to convince you. I’m preaching to the choir.

So instead, what this blog is really for is letting you all know what it’s like back here – behind the curtain if you will (be warned, I’m planning on using theatre puns wherever possible). I want to tell you about the inner workings of the place, from the point of view of a relative outsider who’s just learning the ropes. I also want to talk about the arts in general, the kind of issues that affect us and the stuff we’re passionate about. I want to talk to you – our distinguished audience – about what connects us as people who work in the arts, and you as consumers of that art: the pure love of it.

We are all absolutely potty about art. It’s OK, you’re among friends, you can admit it. We all love something that falls under that brilliant umbrella term, that’s why you’re here after all. You might not realise that the thing you’re a bit obsessed with falls into the “art” category, but if you’ve seen it at The Drill Hall it probably does. Stand-up comedy is art, the puppet show you brought your kids to is definitely art, if you’ve ever been to one of your disco nights you’ve made your own little piece of art right there – congratulations on becoming an artist! Your electric slide was stellar! Art = emotion + creation. At LDH we want to invite you to be witness to that creation and to get stuck in and be a part of making art yourself.

You see we think art is a human right. Everyone should have access to culture that inspires them and no one should be shut out of experiencing great art because of money or where they live. That’s why we think that places like LDH are so important. I can’t be the only one who finds herself continually frustrated that all the creativity and invention I see going on in London rarely makes its way north. There are countless events I’ve missed out on because a hotel stay in our capital just isn’t affordable, not to mention the cost of the train journey and the day off work I’d need to take to make it there on time. Of course, bigger cities will have more going on and often somewhere like Lincoln just doesn’t have the numbers to compete, but I don’t see why that means we shouldn’t try.

The Drill Hall makes a point to bring something different to little old Lincoln, something challenging, something you’ve maybe never even thought about. We want you all to know that we see you – all you art fiends out there in our city. We see you getting a little bit giddy at the sight of a stage, tapping your feet to the music in your headphones at the bus stop, making your own one person disco in your car at a red light. We see you almost falling off your chair laughing at a stand up clip on Youtube. We see the tear in your eye when the orchestra hits that one crescendo. We see you catch your breath a little after the curtain goes down. We see you and we’re here for all of you, every single one.

Come and create with us. Come and art with us. You deserve it.  

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